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DC Motor Drive Roller Controlador Tipo B

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  • DGBL-B


Control card is the necessary accessories of motor driven roller, which is not only provide power supply to the roller, but also adjust the roller speed, rotation direction in positive and negative and control roller start and stop, etc. Many pieces of control card can be connected to be controlled by PLC to realize intelligent control.

Main Functions of B Type

  • Custom quick plug-roller drive second connection

  • Two wire system positive and negative control

  • Speed regulation with 16-speed digital knob

  • 0-10V analog voltage stepless speed regulation

  • Speed closed-loop support

  • Non-inductive operation support

  • Quick start time is adjustable

  • Stop deceleration time is adjustable

  • EBS brake support

  • Abnormal alarm output

  • Double LED status indicator

  • Two-stage speed can be customized (not

  • compatible with stepless speed regulation.

  • NPN and PNP is optional

Structure & Mounting Dimensions

motor driven roller contorller B


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